Leveraging the Power
of Technology

“Before we started using WineCompliancePro, it would take us a week to get the reports we needed out of our winery system, and manually enter data into the state compliance reports. Now it takes me less than an hour. In the last six months we’ve increased our consumer direct shipments from five states to fifteen...and their customer service is amazing.”

–Susan Vowell,
Director of Finance, TREFETHEN VINEYARDS

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Consulting Services

IT and Software Development

Is your investment in Technology telling you everything you need to know? Losing money because your IT infrastructure is out of date and disconnected? Do you want real-time access to your data? Do you really know how to make your IT investments work for you?

We Do! We are IT experts. We are wine industry experts. We solve your problems fast. IT, custom software development and programming is our business. We have a diverse team of experienced US-based software developers, designers, and project managers who specialize in software solutions for the wine industry. From web application development, to database design, to systems integration, to mobile app development, to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and software product development, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to solve your IT and business problems with 100% satisfaction.

What We Can Do For You

Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation can deliver immediate ROI (return on investment) by reducing valuable employee time spent on repetitive tasks from weeks or days to hours or seconds, increase accuracy, reduce errors and improve cycle times through integration and optimization of business processes.

Business Systems Integration
Sharing data between disparate systems can be accomplished through well-written data interfaces and web services. We have developed a broad range of interfaces between various software, devices and platforms. We use the latest technologies to connect systems (both in-house and web-based), share data, simplify and automate interoperability, and standardize data exchanges across the organization. Whether you are trying to integrate web-based applications or internal systems our experienced development team can help.

Business Data Mining and Reporting
Visibility to company data is crucial to business success! Information must be timely, accurate and easily accessible to the right stakeholders. Too often the information you need is locked away, difficult and costly to retrieve and not in a format usable for proper analysis and distribution. We have the experience to unlock your valuable data, make it assessable to the right people in your organization and format the information so that it can be analyzed, understood and distributed accurately, and on time.

Our Automation & Integration Projects
Winery Operations • Automated inventory reconciliation weekly and monthly between winery SAP system and 3rd party warehouse. • Automated Canadian depletions data collection and reporting. • Automated U.S. BDN depletions data collection and reporting. • Channel and distributor management reporting. • Automated direct to consumer and wholesale sales and excise tax reporting. • Automated sale and commission reporting by region. Manufacturing • Custom label printing automation. • Custom order processing automation. • Month end inventory reconciliation and reporting automation. Accounting • Automated QuickBooks data extraction tool. • Automated AMS report parsing and data export tool.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is our automation, integration and reporting experience will help you lower operating costs, increase profits and take full advantage of your technology investments providing you better control of and visibility to your company's valuable data. Call or email us today for a free consultation.