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“I can’t thank you enough for helping me get things on track. I have been burned by so many companies in the past. I’m so glad not to have to do compliance anymore and that I know it is being taken care of correctly.”

–Linda Reisacher, Owner DELECTUS WINERY

Delectus Wines

Our Solutions

Winery Solutions

We provide automated shipping, excise, and sales and use tax compliance reporting for both Direct to Consumer and Wholesale shipping. You receive your reports each month ready for signature and processing to the states or we process the reports and payments on your behalf and handle all state correspondence. Includes access to our License Tracking Web Portal for easy tracking of renewals and license maintenance. Easy integration to all winery systems. Save time and money using our reporting services. We also provide a tax rate software solution used for the proper calculation of sales tax and a shipping rules and limits solution that insures your wine orders can legally ship.

We offer a Brand Presence Management SaaS solution that provides Social Media Security & Brand Protection that discovers, monitors and manages your brand presence in all social media outlets. Strong brand presence management is required in order to protect your intellectual property, strengthen your security measures, and reduce liability risks. As your social workforce grows, having a centralized and automated inventory system will be vital to scale your winery. This is social governance in a box!

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Tired of the compliance headaches? We have a full array of compliance services to compliment our automated compliance solutions; License Applications & Renewals, Direct Shipping Applications, Sales and Use Tax Applications, Price Posting, Vintage Change, Distributor Appointments, Basic Winery Permits, Brand and Label Registration. Contact us for more information and free consultation.

Compliance Provider Solutions

We offer our automated Direct Ship & Wholesale Reporting services to compliance providers. Our compliance services allow you to lower your operational costs, increase your reporting accuracy and free up your resources to focus on other less repetitive compliance related tasks. We can easily integrate our services with almost all winery systems. We include our License Tracking web portal as part of our solution for compliance providers that allows for easy tracking of License renewal dates and state license maintenance.

Accounting, POS, Warehouse and Fulfillment Center Solutions

We provide OrderChx™, an automated real-time shipping rules inspection solution for the wine industry. OrderChx™ inspects each order against a database of rules, limits, license requirements, and dry areas to ensure all orders are shipped in full compliance. Easy integration to all winery systems.

We also provide Tax Rate and Address Scrubbing solutions for use with POS and shopping cart systems. Vendors can use our web-services to select accurate tax rates when calculating sales tax and insure correct addresses are used before shipping orders to consumers.